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This site is dedicated to my original story and possible future webcomic, "Abyss". Here, I will catalogue everything I've written about its world, story, and characters. This is not only for my own sake, but also for the sake of others who might be interested in hearing about Abyss. Thank you for visiting!


dolphinsWHAT IS ABYSS?

If you want to be deep about it, Abyss is a creative outlet which I use to vent my autistic disordered thought processes into. It is a story by me, for me, though I want to allow others to partake as well, if they want to. My characters are all given personalities and stories that are extensions of my own experiences, making Abyss a very personal project. That being said, I of course am perfectly fine with other people relating to or seeing themselves in my characters or my world.

jellyfishEarth is alive, an entity inconceivable; you once resided within its heart, the ocean. Deep down in the depths, however, lay another world known as Hell, full of demonic residents never meant to encounter mortal souls. Unnatural cracks at the bottom of the ocean have led to these creatures having the ability to peer into and enter Earth’s surface. These demons are fun-loving people, to an apathetic extent- their desires reside over all else. Some are benevolent, and merely wish to explore, while others intend to cause nothing short of chaos.

Instinctually discomforted by your close proximity to Hell, you left the Earth’s heart, traveling onto dry land. Over an extraordinary amount of time, you would change drastically, becoming something unfathomable. One thing holds true until eternity’s end, however: you belong to this planet. You are an animal.

You mustn't forget.

(But you will.)