- She/her, it/its

- Daggertooth pike conger eel (Muraenesox cinereus)

- Was once an exotic pet; she grew too big, and was dumped in a lake

- Acquired a demon within said lake. This demon is known as Mokuras

- Cherry was rescued by Glenn & Cecily after washing up on the lake shore. She now resides at the Hell's Depths Aquarium, eating well!

- In essence, Cherry is an animal who was granted a sapient mind via demonic possession. She can mostly think on the level that a human can, with some faults; she is driven by instinct, and led by animalistic desires. She mostly lacks empathy, but is not entirely devoid of it. For example, she does not care if her prey dies quickly or not; but she feels sadness when one of her favorite aquarists is distressed.

- Even still, her favorite pastime activity is torturing Glenn

- Despite the fact that Cherry would possibly eat any of them if she were hungry enough, the HDA staff are attached to her. She's their little terror

cherry's scary eel form